Our Fabric Selection

Hand picked from the most famed italian and british establishments, our fabric selection displays our devotion to quality, honesty and timeless elegance.

Italian Silk – Yellow Navy Yellow Raf White Stripe Repp
Italian SIlk & Cotton – Tan Regimental Stripe Navy White Repp
Italian Pure Wool – Purple Orange Army Green Tweed Flecks
Italian Pure Wool – Navy Sky Orange
Italian Pure Wool – Rust Tan Brown Raf
Italian Pure Wool – Navy Brown Tan Raf Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Fina Forest Green Jaqcuard Purple & Brown Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Fina Navy Jaqcuard Gold & Sky Blue Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Fina Sky Jaqcuard Gold & Brown Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Fina Gold Jaqcuard Navy & Brown Stripe
Italian Silk – Jacquard Weave Navy Raf Cream Block Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Grossa Brown Jacquard Sky Lilac Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Fina Navy Electric Blue Block Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Fina Brown Jacquard Polka Dot White
Italian Grenadine – Plain Weave Grenadine Fiber Jacquard Satin Navy White
Italian Grenadine – Fina Plain Weave Jacquard Navy Raf Blue White Stripe
Italian Grenadine – Fina Gold Navy Solid
Italian Grenadine – Fina Squares Navy Forest Green
Italian Grenadine – Grossa Petrol Solid
Macclesfield Wool – Mix Floral Brown Taupe Navy
Macclesfield Silk – Tiles Brown Red Black
Macclesfield Wool – Star Flower Burgundy Red Coral Wool
Macclesfield Wool – Star Flower Taupe Beige Grey Coral
Macclesfield Silk – Neat Paisley RAF Blue Green Gold Brown
Macclesfield Silk – Neat Paisley Ink Navy Green Burgundy Sky Blue
Macclesfield Silk – Neat Floral Navy Brown Sky Yellow
Macclesfield Wool – Neat Paisley Navy Red Teal
Macclesfield Silk – Mixed Bloom Floral Red Navy Sky Gold
Macclesfield Silk – Star flower Green White Red Sky